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Timor-Leste - Immunization Resources

Immunization Schedule Tool (IMMbasics, 2005-2008)

A job aid to help health workers make better decisions on which vaccination to give a particular child, with a reminder of proper vaccine administration.

Download Document (DOC, 52KB)

EPI Q&A Booklet for Health Workers (IMMbasics, 2006-2009)

A question and answer booklet for health workers, both to clarify information for them and to assist them in responding to questions from the public.

Download Document (DOC, 166kB)

EPI Q&A Booklet for Leaders (IMMbasics, 2006-2009)

A question and answer booklet for community health volunteers and community leaders, to present clear information to them about the basics of immunization and to assist them in responding to the public's questions.

Download Document (DOC, 62KB)

Weekly Calender (IMMbasics, 2007-2009)

A multi-year weekly calendar that helps address the health workers' inability to calculate intervals between doses and the time until the next dose.

Download Calendar (XLS, 63KB)

Download Calendar Instructions (DOC, 53KB)

Revised EPI Supervision Tool (IMMbasics, 2009)

The current (2009) supportive supervision format for immunization.

Download Document (DOC, 146 KB)

Contingency Planning Tool for Power Outages (IMMbasics, 2009)

An aid to guide staff in case of power outages—a consistently weak area which was identified during supervision visits.

Download Document (DOC, 34 KB)

EPI Data Sheet to Summarize Supervision Findings (IMMbasics, 2009)

The Excel formats for summarizing supervision results.

Download Data Sheet (XLS, 230KB)

Situational Assessment of Key Child Health Behaviors (IMMbasics, 2006)

A review of existing information on child health practices in East Timor.

Download Document (DOC, 484KB)

Community Consultation Report (IMMbasics, 2007)

Formative research report on child health practices in East Timor

Download Report (DOC, 2MB)

Download Report Summary (DOC, 39KB)

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