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Q&A About Immunization - Technical Response Service

The IMMUNIZATIONbasics technical response service has answered a number of questions concerning routine immunization and sustainable financing. Please see the archive of previsouly answered questions below.

Health worker is transporting vaccine from the regional store to peripheral level health care facility in vaccine carrier containing ice-packs. In his other hand he is carrying standard disposable/AD packed syringes. The health worker feels his one hand should be free and places all such kind of syringes in the vaccine carrier such that he is able to cover the lid comfortably. The usual time to reach his place of destination may range from 2-3 hours.

Will this arrangement of placing packed sterile syringes in the vaccine carrier affect cold chain?

This situation may not be found in any of the guidelines on immunization! In general, we would advise the following:

  • Make sure that syringes are not hot (from absorbing ambient heat) before putting them into the vaccine carrier.
  • Place the syringes in a plastic bag to keep their paper wrappers from getting wet, which could lead to tearing.
  • Let the syringes return to ambient temperature so that the needle is not uncomfortably cold for the person receiving the injection and so the plastic plunger (piston) is easier to manipulate.

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