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Strengthening routine immunization services and sustainable financing for immunization

Resources - Immunization Financing

Economics of Immunization: a guide to the literature and other resources (WHO, 2004)

In support of improving vaccination coverage worldwide, this annotated bibliography on cost and financing issues "is intended as a tool for donor agencies, ministries of health and finance in developing countries, public health institutions and universities, as well as the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI)."

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Evaluation of GAVI Immunization Service Support Funding (Abt Associates, 2004)

A recent multi-country evaluation found generally positive results from the flexible ISS funding and that it was well used by country programs.

Consolidated Study (PDF, 357KB)

Evaluation of the First Five Years of GAVI Immunization Services Support Funding (Abt Associates, 2007)

This follow up evaluation reviews the results of the first five years (2000-2005) of the immunization services support (ISS) funding scheme and uses statistical analysis to conclude that ISS had a significant positive effect on DTP3 coverage. The study report and country case studies are available on GAVI's site.

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Advocacy for Immunization: How to generate and maintain support for vaccination programmes (Children's Vaccine Program at PATH, 2000)

Advocacy refers to efforts to influence policy and decision makers, to fight for social change, to transform public perceptions and attitudes, to modify behaviors, or to mobilize human and financial resources. This publication provides clear, step-by-step instructions on how to plan and carry out such activities effectively.

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Advanced Immunization Management (AIM) training module on Immunization Financing (Stanford University, PATH, and GAVI, 2004)

This module teaches financial skills to help managers strengthen their immunization programs. Currently includes an introduction to the basics of immunization financing, and information on the vaccine market, costing, budgeting, financing, and strategies to improve sustainability.

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GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccine and Immunization) and Immunization and Financing Sustainability Working Group and the GAVI Financing Task Force have reports and tools related to immunization financing

World Health Organization Immunization Financing

This website has extensive information on immunization financing including data from the Financial Sustainability Plans (FSPs) submitted by countries to the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI). Other resources, guidelines and tools are also available through this website.

Immunization Financing Analysis - A look across 42 countries

This website presents analysis from Financial Sustainability Plans (FSP) from 42 countries.

Vaccine Financing Indicators Analysis

This analysis reviews the vaccine financing indicators that are collected through the WHO UNICEF Joint Reporting Form (JRF) mechanism.

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Comprehensive Multi-Year Plan (cMYP) guidelines and cMYP costing and financing tool

This website provides the guidelines and the spreadsheet tools for completing a cMYP.

ProVac Initiative

This website provides useful cost-effectiveness models for pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccines to support decision making for vaccine introduction.

International Financing Facility for Immunisation (IFFIm)

The IFFIm is an innovative new financing mechanism which was designed to accelerate the availability of funds for immunization by frontloading investments. The IFFIm is implemented by the GAVI Alliance.

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