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Strengthening routine immunization services and sustainable financing for immunization

Resources - Communication

Strengthening Immunization Programs: The Communication Component (BASICS, 2004)

This document provides an overview of the key elements of immunization communication that are needed for immunization programs in developing countries. A case study from Madagascar illustrates how these communication elements come together into a comprehensive approach.

Download Document, English (PDF, 1,400KB)

Communication for polio eradication and routine immunization—Checklists and easy reference guides (WHO, UNICEF, USAID, 2002)

This useful compilation contains 19 two-to-three page tools and summaries of experience on various aspects of communication support for immunization. Major sections include: planning and strategies, messages and media, and monitoring and supervision. Print copies available from or by faxing 41 22 791 4193.

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Communication Handbook for Polio Eradication and Routine EPI (UNICEF, WHO, BASICS, 2000)

Developed with input from numerous international agency and African country staff, this handbook provides a user-friendly, step-by-step approach for planning, implementing and monitoring integrated communication activities in support of routine and supplemental immunizations and surveillance.

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Advocacy for Immunization: How to generate and maintain support for vaccination programmes (Children's Vaccine Program at PATH, 2000)

Advocacy refers to efforts to influence policy and decision makers, to fight for social change, to transform public perceptions and attitudes, to modify behaviors, and to mobilize human and financial resources. This publication provides clear, step-by-step instructions on how to plan and carry out such activities effectively.

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Immunization and Child Health Materials Development Guide (Children's Vaccine Program at PATH, 2001)

A practical, "how-to" manual for conducting audience research and developing effective, user-appropriate print, audio, video, and computer-based health education materials.

Download Document (PDF, 3.3MB)

Mid-Level Management Course for EPI Managers. Block I: Introductory Modules. Module 3. Communication for Immunisation Programmes (WHO/AFRO, March 2004)

This document, used for both reference and training, covers communication roles of EPI managers, communication planning, capacity building, and special communication issues. It contains various case studies and learning exercises.

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The Communications Initiative website

This large site contains a plethora of information on communication and development issues, including project descriptions, technical papers, issues discussions, summaries of social and behavior change theories, vacancies, training, etc. The site has search capabilities and links to subscribe to Drum Beat and several other electronic newsletters.

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Rx for Child Survival website

Rx for Child Survival was a groundbreaking multimedia project anchored by a six-hour PBS television series and a special two-hour program, supported by a rich Web site that can help you get informed and get involved. The site includes an archive of the e-newsletter from a coalition of media organizations and development NGOs on child health in the developing world.

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