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JSI Research and Training Institute, Inc.
Strengthening routine immunization services and sustainable financing for immunization

Project Partners

IMMUNIZATIONbasics was led by JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc., in partnership with Abt Associates, the Academy for Educational Development (AED) and the Manoff Group. The project was funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

JSI: Protecting and Promoting Health

JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc., is a nonprofit, public health research and consulting organization committed to improving primary health care services to poor and underserved populations. JSI works to promote health and wellness, prevent disease, expand access to care and treatment, and improve health service delivery. Incorporated in 1978, JSI currently operates from eight U.S. offices and works in 80 countnries around the world--with more than 1800 staff worldwide.

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Abt Associates

Abt Associates applies rigorous research and consulting techniques to a wide range of issues in social and economic policy, international development, business research and consulting, and clinical trials and registries.

One of the largest for-profit government and business research and consulting firms in the world, Abt Associates delivers practical, measurable, high-value-added results. Its staff of more than 1,000 employee-owners includes national and international experts who are recognized for their knowledge, innovative research techniques, and insightful analyses and recommendations.

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Academy for Educational Development (AED)

Founded in 1961, AED is an independent, nonprofit organization committed to solving critical social problems in the U.S. and throughout the world through education, social marketing, research, training, policy analysis and innovative program design and management. Major areas of focus include health, education, youth development, and the environment.

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The Manoff Group

The Manoff Group provides assistance in communications and behavior-centered programmingsm, and in management and evaluation of health, nutrition and population projects. The firm has been at the forefront of social marketing development since it first applied commercial marketing techniques to social programs in India in 1967.

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U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)

USAID provides economic and humanitarian assistance in more than 100 countries to provide a better future for all. USAID works in agriculture, democracy & governance, economic growth, the environment, education, health, global partnerships and humanitarian assistance.

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