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SnapShots Archive

SnapShots, an electronic publication of the IMMUNIZATIONbasics Project, was designed to provide busy public health professionals with references and periodic updates from the immunization world. Although the primary audience for SnapShots was USAID health staff and staff of USAID-funded projects, all interested persons invited to read and use this these technical briefs.

Topics for the initial issues of SnapShots were chosen after a needs assessment that was conducted in April/May 2005 with USAID staff and partners.

Past issues of SnapShots may be accessed by clicking on the links below.

Download Issue 9 (PDF, 178KB)

Download Issue 8 (PDF, 148KB)

Download Issue 7 (PDF, 187KB)

  • Issue 6: Update on the GAVI Alliance New Vaccine Support (August 2007)

Download Issue 6 (PDF, 112KB)

  • Issue 5: More juice from the squeeze: Linking immunization services with other health interventions (April 2007)

Download Issue 5 (PDF, 264KB)

Download Issue 4 (PDF, 68KB)

Download Issue 3 (PDF, 71KB)

Download Issue 2 (PDF, 90KB)

Download Issue 1 (PDF, 71KB)