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India - Immunization Resources

An immunization film for health workers

"Everyone's Oath—Immunization" (PATH, CARE, USAID, IMMUNIZATIONbasics). This is a 20 minute training video on proper immunization techniques. [Warning: you will need a fast internet connection to download this very large file.]

Download Video, Hindi Version (MPG, 215MB)

Download Video, English Version (MPG, 215MB)

Universal Immunization Programme Publications (WHO Country Office for India)

The Immunization Handbook for Health Workers (ZIP, 2.1MB) and Immunization Handbook for Medical Officers (PDF, 3.7MB) are being used by health staff throughout India and were developed with the Indian government and partners, including IMMbasics/India.

Visit WHO/India's Immunization Resource Section

Supportive Supervision Concept Note and Tools

Supportive supervision is a participatory process that aims at supporting health workers to effectively perform their duties according to program benchmarks. The cornerstone of this kind of supervision is working with health workers to establish goals, monitor performance, recognize good practices, and identify and correct problems. IMMbasics/India produced a manual for Program Managers implementing supportive supervision as well as several Excel tools and checklists.

Download Concept Note (PDF, 4.6MB)

Download Excel Tools (XLT, 1.7MB)

Routine Immunization Job Aids

The IMMbasics/India office, at the request of the Indian immunization program, produced a number of job aids that are being used for routine immunization throughout India. These aids can be used to help train health workers and to better assist health workers in communicating with the populations that they serve. The aids can also be used as a reference and adapted for other circumstances as well.

Download file displaying all job aids (PDF, 3.9MB)

Download guidelines to districts for printing job aids (PDF, 211KB)

The zip files contain PowerPoint and Word files which can be adapted to the precise context and printed in high resolution.

Download Injection Safety Aids (ZIP, 41MB)

Download Cold Chain Posters (ZIP, 4MB)

Download Line Tools (ZIP, 9.5MB)

Download Tracking and Communications Aids (ZIP, 9.68MB)

Microplanning Tools and Guidelines

The need for an appropriate microplanning tool for routine immunization was suggested by the 2004 National UIP Review and the 2005 Multi-Year Strategic Plan. In collaboration with the MOHFW, UNICEF, and WHO/NPSP, IMMbasics/India developed a user-friendly computerized microplanning tool (and accompanying guide) to be used by mid-level managers in order to better describe target populations, analyze barriers, prioritize areas for effective use of resources, prepare health worker immunization activity plans, estimate vaccine and other logistical requirements, and prepare for social mobilization and vaccine delivery.

Download Microplanning Guidelines (PDF, 1MB)

Download Excel Microplanning Tool (XLT, 7.1MB)

In addition to the microplanning tool, here is a presentation detailing the rationale for and development of the tool. Also included below are a number of other planning tools produced by the IMMbasics/India team.

Download Presentation on the Microplanning Tool (PDF, 1.7MB)

Download Other Planning Tools (ZIP, 2.2MB)

Following up on Vaccination Dropouts: Use of Tracking Bags in India

There is a great need, especially in India, to be able to track the immunizations that every child receives in order to maximize health workers' time and to attain higher levels of coverage. This brief article, written by IMMbasics/India staff, explores the pros, cons, and issues encoutered with the use of tracking bags in India to follow-up on and reduce dropouts.

Download Document (DOC, 1.6MB)

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